There are few things that can make or break your business like its online presence.  This is why good web design is a vital piece of the puzzle, and so many businesses are dropping the ball with their websites in not creating one that inspires visitors to stick around.


Let Us Change That For You

My passion is to design fun and fresh websites for my clients using WordPress.  For the past nine years, I’ve been delighting my clients with web design projects that capture the attention of visitors and keep them on your website.  I pride myself on delivering exactly what your business needs for your particular niche.


The WordPress Difference

Many people get caught up into thinking that WordPress is just a blogging tool, but it’s that and so much more.  WordPress is a versatile tool that can be used to design a whole gamut of websites.  There are very few limitations when you use WordPress for your web design which is why I only work with it.  With all of the different plug-ins, features, templates, widgets, and more you can build a rather exciting experience for your audience.  The easy way you can connect a blogging feature to your website is just an added bonus, but if a blog is not in your current business plan, it’s not required.

As I specialize in only WordPress, I have vast experience in what works well on a WordPress website, and what does not.  This narrow focus helps me to provide you with a better experience.


Why Hire a Designer

You may be asking yourself why you should hire a web designer when there are so many drop and drag suites for creating websites and WordPress tutorials?  The short answer to this question is that you are better off with a web designer because they are the experts who understand what makes a website work and what features bog it down.

Yes, you could slap together a website for yourself, but without putting a lot of time and attention into it, it could look amateurish and turn off visitors.  Do you have the extra time and money to invest in training for web design and creating a great-looking and very functional website?  Then, what happens if your website still doesn’t fit your needs?  You will either have to just deal with an off-putting website or invest more money in it by getting a professional.

It can just be easier on you and your budget to start and finish with the professional.


What Separates My Web Design From the Rest?

There are a few reasons as to why my web design services are a cut above the rest.  The first is that I understand you’re a busy entrepreneur like myself and are knowledgeable about your industry.  I respect that, and when I go through my process with you, I avoid all the web design jargon that others might use to impress you.  I let my work speak for my knowledge and experience.  I want you to have an easy time expressing what you’d like and getting answers to your questions.  I know that sometimes the jargon can be an obstacle for you to cross.

The next reason as to why you should put your faith in my web design service is that I’m not a fly-by-night business offering the moon without providing deliverables.  There are many services out there that promote themselves as experienced, but a deep dive into their history may find that they have only been in business a short time or that they’ve left behind a string of clients that are less than pleased with their final product.  My nine years experience and vast portfolio are ready to be put to work for you.

The final reason is my process.  I find it very important to listen to what my clients are telling me they need and helping them to determine what their website should be for them.  Feedback and open communication are a huge part of what I do in my web design.


My Process

My process involves several elements.  The first is that I listen to what you desire for your website, and help you to pinpoint what web design features are going to work.  I’ll work with you on collaborating that perfect website that offers the features you want, such as online scheduling or a clickable portfolio.  After we’ve gone through your brainstorming session of what you’d like your website to be and my input of how we can accomplish this, I’ll create the first web design.  This will then be shared with you, and we can go over what you think about it before moving on to finishing the project.

You have the inspiration for what you need your web design to look like and functionality while I put it into action.


Ready for Action?

Are you ready to have a new website with web design that is not only appealing visually but offers the functionality you need?  Contact me today about getting a quote on your web design project.  I can’t wait to work with you on designing a website that will wow you and your visitors.